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Capital D

Please don't let the sparkle in your eyes die from never-ending disappointments.
I want you to feel that I am here, you're not alone
and yes, you really are not alone.
You are currently living with a girl named Depression.
Depression always goes along with you, whether at work or at home.
She almost invades your space. She almost leads you to that case wherein you'll
get suffocated. You almost let her darken your world. You almost let her drown
you with tears from no origin. You often give her a chance to live fuller than
I am hoping that girl can be untagged from you whenever I hug you.
"Do you feel any better?", my frequently asked question to you. And when the same
answer is being told, I get a feeling that she also wants to befriend me.
I almost let her sleep with me. She occasionally dine in with me.
How I wish I am murderer so we can rid of her. 

Photo credit: Jana Stolzer,


I write in order to live

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