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Light in the Night

Twilight perhaps is the most awaited time
Of people who are busy enough in this so called life
And sunrise i think is the symbol of hope
Of another chance to see a kaleidoscope

Daytime may mean something special to someone
It can either be cherished or disregarded
It can bring light to almost everyone
Yet a failed attempt for those who want an end -
A place wherein silence is permanent
And pain is nowhere to be felt. 

Perhaps it is true 
Everything happens for a reason
But not everyone can stay still in every season
Some just cannot push through
Instead they wait for that special sunset
To get a lifetime rest

But before anyone can come up to a decision
Before you my dear friend decides to surrender
Please do remember
That night time is our rest house, our favorite time zone -
The home of our peaceful and joyful moments
The sanctuary of our heartaches and disappointments

Once more look at the moon
See how it shines with the help of the sun
Look at its wholeness despite the holes it possesed
See how beautiful it is in the middle of darkness

Once more look at yourself
And be reminded
How we consider the night sky 
as a handkerchief 
That wipes away our suicidal ideations.
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I write in order to live

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