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Let Psychology Dwell in Your Soul

You are a book, a superficial kind for some and a profound kind for us. 
For us, who can understand and analyze the contents. 
For us who are willing to read the whole book instead of just a chapter. 
The problem is those who cannot understand your plot are the ones who love to judge. 
Everyone knows how to read, even the uneducated ones, yet not everyone can comprehend what they have read. 
And that is the main conflict in the society, we are being judged without proper comprehension. 
Some of us are fond of over-analyzing, over-identifying, and diagnosing for they feel intelligent when they brand other people's behavior. 

Remember this, my dear book, you are what you chose to be, not what other people labeled you to be.
I know for certain that you have a set of battles in your head. 
That is normal, for in everyone's brain there is a jail wherein thoughts pick up fights with their inmates. 
Some thoughts possess poison that we mistake for vitamins. 
You are overwhelmed with the effects of such vitamins but still, you are normal. 
You can walk and talk without impairment and you can function the way other normal people do. 
It is just that some people cannot see the fine line between normalcy and psychopathy. 
They are being deceived by the present emotion you displays. 
They call you names that are not yours to keep. 
Depressed, crazy, paranoid, psycho, insane, etc., these are the labels they gave you without having a proper knowledge about the mere terminologies. 
Every day, you are being noticed by such people without an appropriate observation. 
They can see your actions, your behavior, and your attitude towards family, work, and other life aspects, 
but they cannot actually see you for their judgment are clouded by their own war of thoughts. 
This is the face of our society masked by fairness and equality. 
We say we accept and respect everyone, yet we are being judged based from a low level of perception. 

Psychology is the art of appreciation, the science of understanding the depth of a person and analyzing behaviors. 
It is a must-learn discipline that can be useful in daily lives. 
In order to attain a normal society, we must all be willing to give Psychology a chance to enter and dwell in our system.
Like a book, every individual has his literal and fictional meaning that should be both understood. 
Everyone has a cage of negative thoughts and a museum of positive thoughts. 
You must learn how to balance them - visit the cage once in a while and stroll on museum every now and then, to stay sane. 
We all have our own genre that is not loved by all but caught the interests of some. 
So, never judge a person without knowing his whole story, instead, let us openly understand one another 
like the way we comprehend the words we want to hear. 
Let me give it a start, I understand you as a book wherein the flow of your story leads to a wonderful ending. 
I understand you, for just like you I am a mundane usually mistaken for a freak of nature because of my thoughts and actions that are symbols of divergence and defiance. 
Like you, I want to remain sane even after experiencing the complexity of life. 
Like you, I want a change, without knowing where to start because the thoughts imprisoned in my head are not ready yet. 
So, please, understand me as well, because I am so sick of people who over-diagnose others, 
of people who forget to see the beauty in a person due to always looking at his weaknesses.


I write in order to live

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